Make soap with individual design

The soap contains natural certified colorants and perfumes. 


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Weight - 100 g. Price - 4.00 Eur per piece (packaging with original tag included in the price). 

The soap is manufactured of components ordered in England (under EC quality control). It is produced without parabens or other harmful admixtures. The soap is produced manually on a steam bath.  Delivery within Riga - 5 Euro. Outside Riga 4 to 10 Euro (to any other Latvian city or district), production and delivery time - 1 to 2 days.  Minimum order - 20 pieces.


You may order with ready-made inscriptions - download cataloguesSend nomenclature code to our mail address. Minimum order - 20 pieces. 

Please find out more about  Our product gallery.


To place an individual order, select the shape and colour of the soap reverse side, fragrance is written on each colour. To zoom in click the picture. It should be noted, that each PC has different colour settings and the colour you see on the screen may differ from that in reality.



Colour and fragrance: